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Hatchback Vs Sedan: Choosing the Best Car Rental Option


Hatchback Vs Sedan: Choosing the Best Car Rental Option

Are you travelling to Brisbane or Gold Coast with your family or friends? These are the most happening cities in Queensland, offering beautiful beaches, natural landscapes, adventure islands, heritage sites and much more.

However, it is good to book a rental car in advance to easily explore new places. Whether you are planning a family getaway or a business meeting, choosing the right car can make a huge difference. The most difficult things is to deciding between hatchback and sedan. Make sure you get the best deals on car rentals when making the final decision.

So, here is a complete guide to help you understand key factors and comparison to make the right choice for your car rental.


What is a Hatchback?

It is a car that comprises of a design that opens to the rear door instead of using a traditional trunk. This opening may be hinged at the side or back of the vehicle.

Hatchback cars may feature fold-down second-row seating to offer comfort during the journey.

What is the Sedan Car?

It is referred as a 4-door passenger car that comes with a truck which is separated from the passengers. It has three-box body:

  • The Engine
  • The passenger area, and
  • The truck.

It is one of the most desired choices when renting a car in Brisbane or Gold Coast. Do not forget to know everything about insurance when renting your favourite car.


Key Comparison: Let’s Understand Better

1. Driving Style or Experience

Both cars offer distinct driving style and experience. Hatchbacks are agile, making them perfect for navigating through jam-packed placing and tight parking areas.

On the other hand, Sedans offer stable and smooth ride. It is ideal for long drives or highway driving experience. It gives you more freedom on the road.

2. Consider Interior Amenities

Believe it or not! Comfort is one of the key aspects when renting a car for travelling.

Hatchbacks may offer rigid legroom but they offer versatile seating and spacious storage solutions.

While sedans cars tend to offer spacious legroom, new-age entertainment systems, and luxury and comfortable seats.

3. Fuel Efficiency

This is also one of the major concerns when looking for the right rental choice. It can also help you determine your estimated travel budget.

  • Hatchback Cars: These are often fuel-efficient cars, helping you save a lot of money for short trips.
  • Sedan Cars: These are not as fuel-efficient as hatchbacks but offer smooth driving experience.

4. Storage Capacity

Unfortunately, hatchbacks come with smaller boots that restrict the storage option. However, the rear seats can be fold easily to access more space.

While Sedans offer larger boot space but have less flexibility.

5. Passenger Comfort

Hatchbacks are perfect for fewer passengers, especially if you have a nuclear family. But sedans offer more space to passengers and are perfect for longer journeys.

6. Rental Cost

However, the cost depends on company to company, but hatchbacks are affordable as compared to sedans.

You can search for the cheap subscription plans for car rentals in Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Which is the Best Option?

This completely depends on your specific requirements and travelling guidance. Here is a checklist to help you make a right decision:

  • Hatchback cars are perfect for short trips while sedans are great for highway and longer journeys.
  • If you have a large number of passengers, consider sedans
  • If you have a large amount of luggage, opt for hatchbacks.


This guide will help you make the right decision when choosing between hatchback vs Sedan rental car.